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Bridal Dresses
Bridal dresses, bridal gowns, what's the difference?  Let's start with this: while all bridal gowns are dresses, not all bridal dresses are gowns. These significant garments go by many differen ....... read more
Marriage License
In the US, up until the mid 19th century, common-law marriage was recognized as valid.  However, since that time some states started to invalidate common-law marriage.  A common-law marriage ....... read more
Fall Weddings
Fall weddings can be some of the most beautiful and unique weddings of the year. While the vast majority of couples plan summer weddings and many like winter weddings, fall offers many unique opportun ....... read more
Wedding Programs
Wedding Programs.  Not sure why you need or want them?  Wedding programs may not be as important as wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses, but the program has many purposes.  First, it ....... read more
Honeymoon Destinations
People can say what they will.  It's a pretty safe bet that one of the reasons you are looking forward to your wedding is going on your honeymoon. Honeymoon destinations are as varied as are the ....... read more
Wedding Etiquette
While wedding etiquette has relaxed over time, good common sense and a bit of basic etiquette is still essential during all the phases of your wedding planning.  It is best to familiarize yoursel ....... read more
Wedding Photographer
Your wedding photos will be your very first family heirloom.  Therefore, hiring a professional wedding photographer should be high on your priority list.  Of course you can commission your ....... read more
Ball Gowns
When it comes to wedding gowns, there are many different silhouettes to choose from.  However, one of the most popular, particularly with large formal weddings, is the ball gown.   It is the ....... read more
Wedding Updos
Are you looking for the perfect way to wear your hair on your wedding day?  Some brides choose to wear their hair down in beautiful curls while other choose wedding updos.  A bride's hairs ....... read more
Mother Of The Bride
You are beginning to plan for your perfect wedding day.  You need some help since doing it all would be overwhelming.  Do you let your mom run the show? Whatever you decide her role should b ....... read more
Plus Size Wedding Dresses
Contrary to what most wedding dress manufacturers would like you to believe, most brides are not the "perfect size 6" that most sample gowns are available in.  Also, most wedding dresse ....... read more
Best Man Speeches
It has been said that being asked to give a best man speech is much like being asked to kiss the Queen Mother.  It's a wonderful honor to be requested to do so, but no one really wants to do it! ....... read more