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Spring Weddings
Spring is all about new beginnings.  What better time of year to have a wedding than spring?  A wedding in the spring is a great way to symbolize beginning of your new life together and the ....... read more
Wedding Gifts
The start of the wedding gift tradition seems to have developed around the dowry given by the bride's family as part of the marriage arrangement. Depending on which country the couple was from the dow ....... read more
Summer Dresses
If you are getting married in the most popular month for weddings (June), you will probably want to look for summer dresses for yourself and your bridal party.  While you can choose any type of w ....... read more
Trash The Dress
Most brides have at least heard of the term trash the dress.  However, not everyone knows exactly what that means.  We are here to give you the 411 on trash the dress.  Most sources agr ....... read more
Wedding Invitations
Tips for Choosing Your Wedding InvitationsStart Early:  You may think you have plenty of time to choose your wedding invitations.  However, once you start looking around and doing research ....... read more
Same Sex Weddings
As a same sex couple you will run into many bumps along the road while planning your wedding.  Maybe you don't even want to call your ceremony a wedding.  Particularly if same sex marriage i ....... read more
Mother Of The Bride
You are beginning to plan for your perfect wedding day.  You need some help since doing it all would be overwhelming.  Do you let your mom run the show? Whatever you decide her role should b ....... read more
Wedding Speeches
Back in the day, wedding speeches were reserved for the father of the bride and, most likely, the best man.  Maybe the groom might speak, but that was pretty much it. However, nowadays, everyone ....... read more
Bridal Bouquets
Your bridal bouquet is an accessory for a once in a lifetime event.  Is there any other time you will get to carry a beautiful bouquet of flowers that have been designed especially for you?   ....... read more
Wedding Supplies
There are numerous things to think about when planning a wedding.  Shopping for wedding gowns, choosing the bridesmaids dresses, finding your perfect wedding venue, picking your wedding cake. &nb ....... read more
Wedding Veils
Wedding veils are generally made from tulle or lace and have two parts.  One part stays at the back of the head while the other part is worn over the bride's face (a blusher).  At the end of ....... read more
Bridal Shower Ideas
Whether you are a  the maid of honor, a good friend or even the grooms sister, you can always use a little bit of help with bridal shower ideas.  A bridal shower is loads of fun, but plannin ....... read more