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Beach Wedding Dresses

Having your wedding at the beach will make for a beautiful ceremony and a very relaxed reception.  However, choosing from the many beach wedding dresses can be a bit more difficult.  A few things you should consider when searching for that perfect wedding gown is the sand, heat and wind.  You will want to search wedding dresses that suit your style but will also be appropriate for the beach.

Here are a few tips to get you started on the search for your perfect beach wedding dress.

1)  Be sure to set a budget.  As with any other type wedding, your budget is top on the list.  This will help to narrow down your choices and keep you on point with the rest of your budget.

2)  Determine which style of dress is right for your body type.  Different silhouettes flatter different types of figures.  Search through wedding magazines and find models with similar body styles to your own.  This will help you determine where to start when actually trying on wedding dresses.  

3)  Choose your length.  Long wedding dresses, of course, are traditional.  However, you should remember your dress will drag through sand which may be wet and/or dirty.  If you have your heart set on a traditional gown and don't mind if it gets a bit dirty around the hem, then go with that long dress.  However, if you want your dress to stay pristine or if you really want a more casual feel, you may want to consider either a contemporary short dress or a tea length dress.  

4)  Think about the fabric you would like for your dress.  Crepe, tulle and chiffon are all light, airy fabrics that will not only keep you cool on the beach, but flow in the breeze as well.  Heavier fabrics like satin will just look out of place on the beach.

5)  Now it's time to go out and try on dresses at your local bridal shop.  Keep in mind your budget, style and the challenges of a beach wedding.

6)  Something else you should consider when choosing your beach wedding dress is the veil. Will you actually be wearing a veil?  Many brides that choose to be married on the beach just forgo the veil altogether.  Much of the time there is quite a breeze on the beach and wearing a veil can be quite a hindrance.  If you do choose to wear a veil, be sure it is not too long.  This will help keep it out of your face during the ceremony. A good alternative to a veil would be a beautiful piece of hair jewelry or some fresh flowers.  

Here are a few examples of wedding dresses that would be appropriate for a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Dresses
sheath short
short formal high low


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