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Bridal Accessories

All brides want to be well dressed on their wedding day.  This is most likely the only day of her life when she will get to be the center of everyone's attention.  Therefore, she must be at her very best on her special day.  Everything about her should sparkle and glow.

This is the reason most brides make such a big deal out of finding the perfect wedding gown.  If she is to be queen for a day, she must actually look the part.  However, the wedding gown is not the only part of the bridal attire she must think about.  There are accessories that are also a vital part of her look.

Here is a basic list of bridal accessories that every bride will need.

Bridal veil and headpiece.  A veil can give the bride a dramatic look.  It is very romantic for the groom to lift the blusher veil to reveal his beautiful bride.  Some brides opt out of having a blusher and just have a veil that falls down their back.  There are even some brides that choose not to wear a veil at all and instead wear some type of headpiece such as a headband or tiara or perhaps some hair jewelry.  When choosing a veil or hair jewelry, the bride needs to think about her hairstyle as well.  Both must complement each other.

Bridal jewelry.  It is almost a must have for a bride to wear some type of jewelry to add some sparkle and drama to her look.  There are many different styles to choose from. A bride can also choose to wear heirloom jewelry or even some jewelry that she already owns as long as it complements her look.

Shoes.  While you might think shoes are not important because no one will see them, this is not necessarily the case.  In the case of a bride wearing a short dress, the shoes are very important. However, even is the bride is wearing a long gown, shoes that match well with her gown and are comfortable are extremely important.  

Gloves.  Some brides that are having very formal weddings may choose to wear long gloves that go up past the elbow.  These look stunning with a strapless bridal gown. However, if the wedding is not ultra-formal, many brides will dispense with wearing gloves.  


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