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Bridal Jewelry

There are many types and styles of bridal jewelry.  However, the classic bridal jewelry is simple yet elegant and usually diamonds or pearls. Several pieces should be considered when choosing your bridal jewelry.  

Necklaces.  Pearl and diamond necklaces are classic and will never be out of style. Diamonds will match any dress you are wearing and the luster of pearls pairs perfectly with your white or off-white wedding dress.  Whether you choose a diamond or pearl necklace, be sure the length of your necklace matches the neckline of your gown.  A choker is a very popular choice for strapless gowns.  If you are wearing a v-neck gown, the necklace should fall halfway between the base of your neck and the point of the V in your dress.  The standard 14-16 inch chain is very versatile and works with almost any dress.  

Earrings.  Earrings will play an important part in completing your wedding day look.  Try on different styles to see what will go best with the neckline of your wedding gown and the hairstyle you have chosen to wear on your wedding day. A drop pearl with diamond accents is a sophisticated and elegant choice.  However, with that being said, if your gown is heavily beaded, you may want to go with a more simple earring such as diamond studs.  

Hair Accessories.  Don't overlook hair accessories as a part of your wedding jewelry.  A tiara can add a bit of glitz and glamor to your wedding day ensemble.  However, be careful to choose one that is dainty so you don't appear to be wearing a crown.  If you are choosing one of the newer wedding updos, you might consider weaving a strand of pearls into your hair or using a beautiful diamond or pear comb as an accent to a French role.  Remember to keep any hair accessory you choose in proportion so it does not overpower you or your hairstyle.  

Family Heirlooms.  Don't discount the use of family heirlooms.  If your mother is set on you wearing her wedding necklace, go ahead!  As a general rule, family heirlooms can stand the test of time.  Even if they are not exactly  your style, you can walk down the aisle knowing that you are wearing a little piece of your family history....and you have made your mother happy.  

Bracelets.  In the past, a necklace and earrings were about the only pieces of bridal jewelry.  However, more recently brides have begun to wear bracelets that coordinate with their necklaces and earrings.  While these can be beautiful and a welcome addition to the bridal jewelry, you should be careful to not overpower your look.   Your bracelet(s) should be the same or similar style as your necklace and earrings.  If you are wearing a pearl necklace and earrings, then your bracelet(s) should be pearls as well.  

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You have put quite a bit of work into getting the look you really want on your wedding day. You searched through hundreds of wedding gowns, looked at bunches of bridal bouquets and have made sure your wedding day hairstyle will be perfect.  You will want to make sure the bridal jewelry you choose will be a compliment to all the other elements of your wedding day look.  

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