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Flower Girl

Having a flower girl in your wedding is a completely optional thing.  However, they are completely adorable, particularly when they are paired with an equally adorable ring bearer.  However, what exactly is the primary role of a flower girl?  Well, of course, to be adorable.  You have to remember though that the flower girl's walk down the aisle is no small feat.  

The flower girl is usually a special young lady between the ages of 3 and 8.  Usually she will walk down the aisle just before the maid of honor and usually follows the ring bearer. Sometimes, however, she will precede the bride down the aisle.  Traditionally, she will carry a basket of flower petals and scatter them down the aisle as she walks.  

When lining up the wedding party, think about using the buddy system.  The idea of having two flowers girls is great.  However, if they are not something you want to do or can do, then consider pairing her with the ring bearer.  Having a partner to walk down the aisle with will make the task seem much less daunting for all parties involved and will give each one a bit more confidence.  

Sometimes even the bridesmaids are a bit hesitant to walk down the aisle.  So just imagine what the flower girl feel like.  You should explain the importance of role well in advance so as to minimize the pressure on her.  Her parents will need to follow through with a bit of encouragement and a few rehearsals.  

Make sure she is familiar with the rest of the bridal party.  If possible, invite her to the bridal shower or the bridesmaids luncheon (if you are having one).  This is so that she will recognize familiar faces on the actual wedding day which will help with her comfort level.

The flower girl's family should be seated close to the front of the ceremony.  This way she can see them and be encouraged by their smiles and reassurance.  If the flower girl is very young, she may need to sit with her family after her walk down the aisle.  If your flower girl is a poised young lady, she might be able to stand with the bridesmaids throughout the ceremony.  

Some flower girls will wear mini bridal gowns.  However, there are many other types of dresses they can wear that work equally as well.  It is important to make sure she looks like a little girl.  Therefore, if you wedding gown is very grown-up, it may be best to put her in a tea length white dress instead.  

flower girl

It is very important to remember that your flower girl is a child.  If she drops her basket of flowers, cries or even lifts her dress while she walks down the aisle, she will still be adorable in everyone's eyes and will not have ruined your wedding day.  

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