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Formal Dresses

Whether you are searching for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, or mother of the bride dresses, there is a good chance you will be looking for formal dresses.   

Bridal gowns do not have to be "bridal gowns."  If you do not have your heart set on an extravagant gown with a huge train, you may be able to find the perfect gown in the formal section of a bridal shop, local boutique or department store.  Many prom dresses can double as beautiful wedding gowns.  Some even have short trains and are perfect for semi-formal or possibly beach weddings.  Here are several examples of formal dresses used in outdoor and beach weddings.  


Formal Dresses for Beach and/or Outdoor Weddings

Beach Formal/Wedding Derss

Formal/Beach Wedding Dress

Formal/Beach Wedding Dress

Formal/Outdoor Wedding Dress

Prom/Garden Wedding Dress

Prom/Garden Wedding Dress


Budget is generally a big consideration when planning a wedding.  Anytime you use the words "wedding" or "bridal," you can expect to incur added costs....just because.  If you are planning a wedding on a limited budget, looking at prom dresses or formal dresses at local boutiques and department stores may be just the way to go.  That's not to say that if you are on an unlimited budget you cannot still consider a dress that is not labeled as a "wedding" dress.  Quinceanera gowns are often as beautiful and ornate as any wedding dress you have ever seen (with the price to match).  However, a simple internet search for formal gowns will bring you to may different sites with tons of dresses to choose from.  Bridesmaids dresses and mother of the bride dresses can DEFINITELY be found in the "formal" section of a boutique or department store.  Again, if you use the words "wedding" or "bridal" you can just expect to pay more.  

Check out some of the links below.  These we found just using the the keywords "formal dresses."  


If you search for "quinceanera dresses" you will find more ball gowns that are perfect for wedding dresses.  

Quinceanera Mall

Mary's Bridal

Pictured below are dresses that are considered "formal" gowns or quinceanera gowns.  Most come with a significantly lower price tag than a "bridal gown" that is very similar in style.  


Formal and Quinceanera Dresses

Simple Formal Dress


One Shoulder Formal Dress

Very Formal

Beach Type Formal Dress

Beach Wedding

Quinceanera Dress

Quinceanera Gown

Bargain (Sale) Quinceanera Dress

"Clearance Sale" Quinceanera Gown

Quinceanera Pickup Skirt Dress

Quinceanera Gown with Pickup Skirt


Searching on the internet for formal dresses or going to local boutiques and department stores and searching through the formal dresses is a great way to find bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses and even beautiful formal dresses for guests if you are having a very formal affair.  Take a look at some "formal dresses" that are perfect for bridesmaids dresses.  


"Formal" Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaid "Formal" Dress

Seafoam Green Formal Dress

Bridesmaid "Formal" Dress

Colorful  Formal Dress

Bridesmaid "Formal" Dress

Bright Yellow Formal Dress


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