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Mother Of The Bride

You are beginning to plan for your perfect wedding day.  You need some help since doing it all would be overwhelming.  Do you let your mom run the show? Whatever you decide her role should be in your wedding planning and on the actual wedding day, here are a few things she can handle with ease.  

  • Scout out some ceremony and reception sites in advance of the bride and groom.  Ask family and friends for recommended vendors and venues.  
  • Serve as a contact for the vendors and/or wedding planner.  This is especially helpful if the wedding will be held where the mother of the bride lives but the bride lives elsewhere.
  • Be an advocate for her daughter.  If someone is overstepping the bounds, step in and advocate for what the bride wants.
  • Go with her daughter to help choose her wedding dress and wedding night lingerie.  
  • Compile the full names and addresses of friends and family that will be included on the guest list.
  • Coordinate with the grooms family on whom they wish to include on the guest list.  Manage the task of limiting the number of guests if this becomes necessary.
  • Help address and mail the wedding invitations.
  • Keep track of the RSVP's.  
  • Help make seating arrangements for the wedding reception.
  • Help to research any ethnic or family traditions or heirlooms that should be incorporated into the ceremony itself or the reception.
  • After helping to choose the brides's gown, find a stunning mother of the bride dress.  Once that is accomplished, coordinate with the groom's mother on what the two will be wearing.  Both women will feel much more comfortable if you are well coordinated.  
  • Attend (and maybe help organize) the bridal shower(s) and rehearsal dinner.
  • Escort the bride down the aisle if the bride's father will not (or even if he will be).
  • Make sure to be seated in the first row just before the ceremony begins and be the first to leave afterward.  
  • Greet guests in a receiving line.  Traditionally, as the hostess of the reception, the mother of the bride is the first in the receiving line.
  • Dance with the bride's father (or other significant male) and the groom during the first-dance sequence.
  • Keep the bride calm on her wedding day.  Be a mom and make everything okay even if there is an emergency that needs to be dealt with. 
  • When the stress of the upcoming day becomes too much, allow the bride to cry on her shoulder and vent whenever needed.   

mother of the bride



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