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Short Dresses

Traditionally, the ideal image of a wedding dress is the long gown with a beautiful train.  However, some brides might want to consider looking at short dresses for their special day.  Also, if you are planning a beach wedding, a short dress can be a perfect option.  If you do choose to wear a short dress for your special day, there are a wide variety of options available.  Take a look below for a few tips for wearing a short wedding dress.  

Choose a Length That is Respectable

If you choose to opt for a short wedding dress, you may want to consider a tea length gown.  While some shorter cocktail dresses might be appropriate, don't forget, this is your wedding day.  You really don't want a dress that appears too promiscuous or is too revealing.  Even if your wedding will not be held in a church, you still want to make a good impression as a newly married woman.

Select the Right Shoes to Complement Your Dress

It is very important to consider the shoes you will be wearing for your wedding.  When wearing a long gown, your shoes are mostly hidden. However, with a short wedding dress, everyone will see the shoes you have chosen to wear.  A good choice would be a pair of white (or eggshell, off-white, etc.) that coordinate with your dress.  You might choose a pair or shoes with or without embellishments.  As a general rule, most shoes you are able to purchase in a bridal store would be good choices.  Basically, you don't want to wear a pair of "stripper heals" on your wedding day.

You May Also Want To Choose Short Bridesmaids Dresses

Traditionally, a bridesmaid dress should not outshine the bride's wedding dress.  Also, many feel the wedding dress should always be longer than the bridesmaids dresses.  For example, if you choose a tea length wedding dress, you could consider cocktail length bridesmaids dresses.  However, with all that being said, it is your wedding day and you can choose whatever you like.....these are just guidelines.

Consider Carrying Just a Few Flowers Rather Than a Large Bouquet

If you are wearing a short wedding dress, a large bouquet can detract from its beauty.  Since a short dress is usually a simpler option, you may want to consider carrying just a small bunch of flowers instead.

Some people feel a short wedding dress is not a good choice because it is not "traditional." However, if you happen to be a non-traditional bride, it can be a great option for an outdoor wedding during the spring or summer months.  Short wedding dresses have become increasingly popular, mostly due to the economy and the fact that they are such an affordable option to a long gown. Ultimately, it is your day, so you should wear whatever you like.  

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