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**Please note that this particular page is referencing wedding bands (rings).  You may have come to this page in search of wedding bands (entertainment).  Information on wedding bands can be found by visiting wedding reception entertainment.  

Wedding bands.  The most important piece of wedding jewelry.  They will be on your hands for the rest of your lives, so you need to make sure you love them and they will last.  

Matching or Different?  This is one of the first choices a couple needs to make when choosing their wedding bands.  It is NOT necessary for the brides and the grooms bands to match.  That will be a personal choice.  However, a good rule of thumb is to match either the metal or the style so the rings are at least somewhat similar.  Of course, there are really no hard and fast rules and you can choose whatever wedding rings suit your personal style and taste.  

Budget.  This is the biggest consideration when choosing your wedding bands.  This decision needs to be made PRIOR TO shopping for your rings.  You would hate to fall in love with something that is just completely out of your budget.  After that, anything else will seem inferior and you won't feel satisfied.  

Which Metal Works for You?  There are a few basic metal choices to consider when shopping for wedding bands.  The most common metals are gold, silver and platinum.  Gold (yellow or white) is by far the most common and very classic.  Silver is a good inexpensive choice but you must consider that silver may tarnish.  Platinum is a very good choice for people that may have allergies to other metals or wish to pass on their wedding jewelry.  However, platinum is much more expensive than either gold or silver.  One additional metal to consider for mens wedding rings is titanium.  It gives the look and feel of white gold, silver or platinum, but is much more durable.  Titanium rings are perfect for men that works with their hands on a daily basis or participate in activities that would scratch or bend other metals.  

Quality.  Purchase the best quality ring you can afford whether it is gold, silver, platinum or titanium.  Be sure to check the quality BEFORE you actually purchase the rings.  Gold bands should be marked with 24K and platinum bands should say PLAT.  Silver rings should be marked as well.  

Something to Consider.  Even though wedding bands are supposed to be forever, you really don't have to "marry" your bands if the PERFECT rings are not in your budget.  Get something beautiful you will be happy with for several years and then plan to purchase your dream wedding rings on a significant anniversary.  There is no rule that says you cannot change your wedding bands later in your marriage.  You will still want to consider how the woman's band will coordinate with her engagement ring, but other than that and budget, the sky is the limit.  

Take a look at a few examples of weddings bands as well as some helpful links.  Consider searching the internet prior to actually venturing out to the jewelry store.  This is a good way to get an idea of the style of rings that may suit you as a couple.  


Wedding Bands


Classic Gold Women's Band


Simple Diamond Women's Band


Unique Women's Band


Men's Titanium Band

Mens Diamond

Men's Diamond Band

Classic WG

Men's Classic White Gold Band


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