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Wedding Gowns vs. Wedding Dresses

Just like all poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles; all wedding gowns are dresses, but not all wedding dresses are gowns.  The following information is gathered specifically for Wedding Gowns.

The very first thing you should do before beginning your search for a gown is to have an idea about what style gown you prefer.  You will want to get familiar with wedding gown terminology and styles first.  Here are a few general guidelines to get you started on the road to your perfect wedding day. 

Silhouette - When choosing a wedding gown, the first thing to think about is which silhoette is right for your body type.  

A-line/Princess - This silhoette has no marked waistline while the vertical seams flow from the shoulders down into a flared skirt, thus creating the "A" shape.  If you are heavy in the middle, this is a good silhouette choice.

Ball Gown - Normally very formal, reminiscent of a "Cinderella" type look.  Ball gowns have a fitted bodice with a very full skirt.  The full skirt of a ball gown can help disquise a pear shape (large hips and/or thighs).  

Empire - Empire gowns have a high waistline that begins right under the bust with a flowing skirt that skims the hips and flairs slightly at the bottom.  This style is very flattering to most body types, but is most flattering to small breasted women.

Mermaid - As the name implies the mermaid style is contoured to your body.  The gown flows out beginning around the knees (like a mermaid tail).  This is one of the sexiest of the wedding gown styles.  If you have curves and are confident in your own skin, this dress will definitely show off your curves!

Sheath - The sheath silhouette has a very slim shape that follows the line of the body very closely.  This silhouette doesn't allow for many body flaws.  The long lines of this gown elongate the look of your body and therefore can work very well for shorter brides.  

Below you will find some examples of the different wedding gown silhouettes:


Wedding Gown Silhouettes

A-line Wedding Gown

A-line Gown


Wedding Ball Gown

Ball Gown

Empire Wedding Gown

Empire Gown

Mermaid Wedding Gown

Mermaid Gown

Sheath Wedding Gown

Sheath Gown


Another consideration when choosing your wedding gown is color.  While a white gown is the most traditional color, many brides may want to choose an off-white, eggshell or even a beautiful pastel.  Some daring brides may choose to go with a flaming red gown, a daring black gown or any number of other unique colors or combination of colors.  



Of course, the most important aspect to consider when beginning your quest for the perfect wedding gown is budget.  For some brides, the sky is the limit.  For others, they are working with a very tight budget.  However, no matter what your budget is, you CAN find the perfect gown for you.  

If you are working with a tight budget consider shopping at consignment and thrift stores or checking out vintage wedding dresses either from a family member or vintage dress shop.  Many times you can find beautiful, gently used, designer gowns for a small fraction of the price of the same gown new.  Another option is to check with friends and family to see if anyone is a seamstress.  You may be able to have a friend of family member make your gown for just the cost of materials.

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