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For many couples the thought of hiring a wedding planner never even enters their minds. They don't realize that having some outside help can actually save time, headaches, and many times, money.  Here is a great checklist to determine whether you need a wedding planner.

-Are you way behind schedule and behind on your checklist?

-Do you both work full time which may prevent weekday meetings with vendors?

-Do you have any outside help such as very knowledgeable friends, a helpful maid of honor or an involved mother-of-the-bride?

-Do you have any reliable recommendations for local vendors?

-Are you planning a destination wedding?

-Are there personality conflicts between the couple and their parents or others involved with the wedding?

-Does the thought of all the wedding planning details give you anxiety?

-Is your engagement very short?

-When you picture your wedding, are you at a loss as to how to make your dreams come true?

-Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or generally thinking you should elope?

-Even after reading all the information you can find on planning a wedding, are you still wishing you had some help and advice?

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If you have checked off more than a few of the above questions, you may want to consider at least looking into hiring a wedding planner.  Of course, if you are on a tight budget, this may be considered an added expense.  However, many times the wedding planner has the experience and inside connections to actually save you money, therefore being more cost-effective overall.  This is not even considering the headaches it will save you!

With all that being said, if you decide to hire a wedding planner, there are several things to consider before making your choice.  

-Will your planner commit to staying within your budget without pushing into things you cannot afford?

-Will your wedding planner come up with a master plan with all the details right down to the printed napkins?  This will also include keeping you up to date on everything.

-Can the planner name the best locations for the budget, style and size or your wedding?

-Is the planner familiar with local wedding photographer, caterers, DJ's, etc. that fit into your budget?  Has he/she used them in the past?

-Has the planner negotiated discounted rates with many of the local vendors?

-Will the planner make sure to read all the vendor contracts.  Is he/she aware of the common traps?

-Will the planner create a timeline for everyone involved in the planning and make sure everyone sticks to it?

-Will the planner handle all aspects the wedding invitations - wording, ordering, addressing and mailing?

-Will the planner educate you on etiquette and current wedding trends?

-Will the planner coordinate the arrival, delivery and setup times with all vendors?

-On the wedding day, will the planner oversee the entire affair by handling emergencies, supervising the vendors and soothing frayed nerves?

-Is the planner willing to advocate for you by getting across your desires and visions to the vendors?

-Will the planner help you plan your honeymoon?  Will he/she help you book it as well?

Remember, the wedding planner should have questions for you as well.  The answers to these questions will determine your needs, wishes, level of help needed, budget, etc.  In the end, it is important that you have a good relationship with your wedding planner.  DO NOT hire a planner that seems bossy or doesn't listen.  You will only regret it in the end. The purpose of hiring a wedding planner is help you have a stress free wedding.  If you are constantly butting heads with your wedding planner, you have not accomplished this goal.  






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